Updated 12th December

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Final Consultation dates 31st October – 12th December 2018


To ALL those wonderful villagers who braved the elements on Wednesday 5th December to support the campaign.

There were well over 60 people of all ages….supporting all the way!!

WE……………. No, YOU delivered just over 300 paper responses which is absolutely fantastic!

We know more have gone in electronically and we know there are still loads more to come…..(lovely jubbly!!!)

So well done to all of you….it’s not over yet, we have one more week but thank you so much for all your hard work and determination in traipsing the streets, banging on doors and spreading the word in general.

And a big thank you to everyone at the village shop who have facilitated and supported this


A very special thank you to those “little people” who  turned up in the cold and rain, waited so patiently and brought their fabulous banners.

You all look especially amazing. 😊😊😊

If a site is included in the plan then it carries a Presumption of Grant at the planning permission stage – in other words — the planning will be granted              

Objecting at Planning Application stage IS TOO LATE – act at this next consultation and OBJECT